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Are you planning to add a new little one to your family?

If you are pregnant now or if you are planning to get pregnant, make an appointment with our friendly staff at Mark W. Nolan, M.D. we will give you the care and personal attention that you are looking for.


Dr. Nolan is not delivering but will see patients until around 20 weeks and then will refer patients out to whoever they want to go to.

Get care throughout your entire pregnancy

  • Pregnancy confirmation

  • Exams

  • Blood work

If you are having trouble conceiving, we can help

When you are getting frustrated with the process of getting pregnant or infertility issues- don't give up hope. Our knowledgeable staff is here to answer all your questions and let you know what your options are.

Our main priority is always keeping you as comfortable as

possible throughout

all of the appointments leading up to your pregnancy.

Call us today!

Our helpful staff is

here to assist you.


We accept most insurance plans

Don't worry about the cost of your appointments. We accept most insurance plans. Let our staff help you understand what your benefits are and file your paperwork.